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Taliba Flipz Media

Magazine & Social Media Services

"Bringing your products & services at the forefront of digital industry."

About Us:
While maintaining a politically neutral position, it will promote positive views about Canadian cultures and heritage.
Media hub that merges Filipinos to other cultures through culinary ideas, music, entertainment, business and current affairs.
Provides helpful information for new immigrants concerning employment, government assistance etc.
The magazine will help entrepreneurs promote their services, as well as artists showcase their talents.
The magazine will provide point of contact information concerning government programs, business start-up, talent hub and charities.

•    Provide magazine and online social media presence while promoting business services and talents.
•    Provide photography/videography services for social events, weddings, portraits and starting modelling portfolio.
•    Provide advertisement design layout including photography service for promotional purposes.
•    Provide website design and web hosting businesses.

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